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About Little Brocklesby House

Little Brocklesby House is a small, relaxed and friendly care home registered for 36 residents, offering high quality care tailored to the individual’s needs. Located in the charming village of Great Limber, North Lincolnshire, it shelters in 9 acres of beautiful mature wooded grounds next to the Brocklesby Estate, providing peaceful surroundings. Previously managed by a family for the last 30 years, it was acquired in September 2020, and is now undergoing an extensive and sympathetic refurbishment to restore much of its former glory.

What We Do

We provide residential, dementia and respite care either short term or long term, daily or nightly in a homely and safe environment, where our person centred care is devoted to preserving individuality and independence whilst enhancing life experience to the maximum. We strive to ensure that all residents are given the opportunity to improve their quality of life by providing a secure and comfortable environment with a range of specifically tailored activities.

The team at Little Brocklesby House aim to be the Care Provider of Choice for over 55’s residential, learning difficulties, mental health, bariatric care & those experiencing dementia. We will provide person centred care that honours the spirit within each resident thereby preserving their individuality and independence for as long as possible to enable them to find joy and comfort in every day.

Latest News

We”re now catering for over 55’s residential, learning difficulties, mental health, bariatric and dementia with an emphasis on small, secluded, lovely grounds, and tailored activities, including Namaste.

Take a look at the first stage refurbishment photographs below.

At A Glance

  • Peaceful Lincolnshire country setting, conducive to a positive and comfortable environment.
  • Easy access from Humberside International airport.
  • 20 minutes from the sea.
  • Personal centred care is offered 7 days a week.
  • We care for adults over the age of 55 and specialise in many areas such as Dementia, Stroke, Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Physical & Emotional conditions, Peg Feeds.
  • We also have specialised equipment so we can care for bariatric (heavier) clients.
  • Outside professionals also visit on a regular basis, offering our clients chiropody, hairdressing, physiotherapy services.
  • We offer care services to people in Lincolnshire, NE Lincolnshire & North Lincolnshire.
  • We can facilitate both privately and local authority funded residents.

New Ownership, New Investment

The new owner, Dr Bernadette Taylor, has immediately invested in improving the quality of care by provision of an interactive sensory machine (rarely found in smaller residential care homes), often referred to as a Magic Table, which enhances eye to hand cognitive ability and provides residents with many engaging activities.

We also aim to help our residents maintain their relationships and active links to their community, more important than ever during the restrictions imposed by Covid, and actively engage with local schools, churches etc.

Our dedicated staff are all local and trained in infection control including Covid, underpinned by the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and specialist sanitising machines to ensure that residents stay as safe and protected as possible. We have also invested in an external visitors pod to facilitate & enhance seasonal Covid visiting.

Little Brocklesby remained Covid free all of 2020 until about November when the pandemic was rife in Lincolnshire. However, due to rigorous control measures, backed up by already existing weekly antigen testing of staff and residents, it was controlled relatively quickly and we have now been Covid free since December 2020. Dr Taylor is an immunologist bringing many of years of previous experience working with viruses to oversee the stringent Covid policy. A safe area has been created to enable both families and residents to visit each other in order to maintain those essential family links and relationships so necessary to a person’s wellbeing.

Very Special Care


A specialist sensory programme, referred to as Namaste, has also been introduced based on the owner’s previous work with Dr Isabelle Latham and Professor Dawn Brooker of Worcester University. The basis of Namaste (Namaste means “to honour the spirit within”).  is to lay the foundations for the scale-up of an evidence based intervention that provides a practical, systematic approach to meet the physical, sensory and emotional needs of people living with advanced dementia. Namaste can be particularly helpful to reach and provide comfort to those who cannot respond or join in with more traditional activities.

We understand the decision to move into residential care is a hard one; no-one likes to leave their own home and it can be an anxious time for all of the family. We empathise with this and suggest it is not the end of independence but a new beginning, a step in life that means individuals can preserve independence whilst being cared for in a safe environment. We aim to create a place which reflects your own home… being a smaller care home enables us to do that more effectively than some of the larger homes since we can adopt a bespoke approach to person centred care.

Get in Touch

If you are considering care options for your loved one, we would love to have the opportunity to answer any questions which you might have. Please ring us on 01469 560784 and ask for either Jayne Coulam (Manager) or James Grant-Parkes (Operations Manager, 07857 155 482).

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